Wild Rides and Writing a Book

Last summer, I took my crew of kiddos to Disneyland for a vacation. There was no escaping the wild rides with older kids, and I went on them all.

Photo of the Incredicoaster ride speeding by in a blur.
Photo of several of my kids riding the Incredicoaster while I took a break from all the excitement. I meant to take a picture while the ride was still, but it took off as I snapped the photo!

Over the past few years, being a researcher in the field of digital learning has felt eerily similar to buckling up on an extreme amusement park ride: the speed of technology adoption has been dizzying, and not knowing what on earth is going to become the next politically polarized minefield has felt disorienting (and stomach-churning) at times.

There appears to be no escaping the wild ride of technological advancement, so I’ve decided to lean into the adventure and write a book. Something digital-learning related that will help others feel better equipped to ride this ride alongside me.

So, why am I telling you this? And why am I telling you via a sorely-neglected, barely-started blog?

The main reason is that I have a lot of ideas that I’m trying to sort out, and writing has always been a good tool for me to gain clarity. Since I’m trying to write a book (that will *hopefully* appeal to a larger audience), sharing my thoughts publicly to gauge interest in the various ideas floating in my head is probably a smart move.

Someone recently suggested that I write a short weekly blog post. That seems a bit overambitious (and feels not fun) to me. I’m not a routine, stick-to-a-schedule kind of person. I intend to write haphazardly and when the mood strikes. I have no idea how often I’ll post or how many posts I’ll write. But I will write and, when I do, I will post .

And I’m looking forward to hearing all your thoughts and reactions to my various ramblings.

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