(UPCOMING) November 9, 2023: Presenter, ICDE World Conference. A hopeful future? Preparedness and feelings of optimism-pessimism about the future of post-secondary education in Canada and the USA.

(UPCOMING) November 7, 2023: Presenter, ICDE World Conference. A growing market: OER trends over time in the USA and Canada.

(UPCOMING) November 7, 2023: Panel Moderator, ICDE World Conference. As the pandemic dust settles, are we ready for what’s next? A global discussion of our changing educational landscape.

(UPCOMING) November 2, 2023: Invited Featured Presenter, Technology + Education Seminar + Showcase (TESS). Understanding Current Digital Learning Trends: Ontario-Specific Findings from the 2023 Pan-Canadian Digital Learning Surveys.

(UPCOMING) October 17, 2023: Presenter, OE Global Conference. OER in higher education: Improving OER initiatives through international research collaborations.

September 2023: Presenter, eCampusOntario Digital Transformation Community of Practice Session. Understanding digital transformation: Findings from the 2023 CDLRA Spring Survey.

September 2023: Invited Speaker, QAA Conference. Digital learning and its potential for a more accessible post-secondary system.

July 2023: Invited Speaker, OUCeL Summer Institute. Digital learning trends: What to expect in the near-future.

June 2023: Invited Speaker, OTESSA Conference. Changing Digital Learning Trends in Canadian Post-Secondary Education: Findings from the Canadian Digital Learning Research Association (CDLRA)

March 2023: Presenter, Maskwacis Cultural College Webinar. Navigating new trends in digital learning: Opportunities and challenges.

February 2023: Presenter, CIRPA|ACPRI Webinar. How has the pandemic changed post-secondary education, and how might this impact institutions going forward: Findings from the 2022 National Survey of Online and Digital Learning 

January 2023: Presenter, Contact North|Contact Nord Webinar. Digital Learning Trends at Canadian Higher Education Institutions: Findings from the 2022 National Survey of Online and Digital Learning.


December 2022: Panelist, D2L Webinar. What’s next for post-secondary education? Anticipated trends in digital learning

November 2022: Invited Featured Presenter, Technology + Education Seminar + Showcase (TESS). Ontario’s Digital Learning Landscape – The Future of Post-Secondary Education

November 2022: Co-presenter, Online Learning Consortium Conference (OLC). What’s in a Name? Canvassing the Terms We Use for Digital Learning

June 2022: Invited Keynote Presenter, European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN) 2022 Annual Conference. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Implications for the Future of Higher Education

May 2022: Presenter, Pearson Canada Live Webinar Series. 2021 National Survey of Online and Digital Learning: The Growth of Online Learning and Digital Resources in Canadian Post-Secondary Education

May 2022: Invited Keynote Presenter, Better Together Conference at Douglas College. What Happens Next? The Impact of the Pandemic on Post-secondary Learning and Teaching

January 2022: Invited Co-Presenter, Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE). Institutional Perspectives on Faculty Development for Digital Education in Canada


November 2021: Presenter, Technology and Education Seminar and Showcase (TESS). The ongoing impact of the pandemic for post-secondary institutions in Ontario

October 2021: Invited Presenter, Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association (CIRPA). Evolving Definitions in Digital Learning: Moving Toward a Shared Understanding of Common Terms

September 2021: Invited Keynote Presenter, QAA Cymru. Digital Learning: A Canadian Perspective.

June 2021: Invited Panelist, European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN). Time for action in shaping HE 4.0: Do we develop digital competences or digital skills?

April 2021: Invited Keynote Presenter, University of Northern British Columbia. The impact of the pandemic on Canadian higher education: The implications of a shift toward digital learning

March 2021: Panelist, 2021 Innovate Virtual Conference, Online Learning Consortium. The state of digital learning: Bring your questions for the digital learning pulse survey researchers


December 2020: Presenter, The Learning and Training Conference 2020 (Contact North|Contact Nord). What’s happening in online learning in Canada? Taking the pulse of Canadian higher education institutions

October 2020: Presenter, Technology and Education Seminar and Showcase (TESS). Ontario higher education in 2020: Lessons from the pivot to online learning

September 2020: Panelist, Inside Higher Education. Higher ed’s responsive strategies to COVID bring about faculty confidence and optimism

September 2020: Panelist, eCampusOntario webinar. Ready or not, the fall semester is here: Canadian pulse project.

June 2020: Panelist, eCampusOntario webinar. Canadian higher education in fall 2020: Business as unusual.


November 2019: Presenter, ICDE World Conference in Online Learning.

  • Presentation 1: Outside the institutional box: Understanding the digital informal learning contexts activated by female entrepreneurs in Canada for competency development.
  • Presentation 2: Online post-secondary education in Canada: Results of the 2019 National Online and Digital Learning Survey

October 2019: Special Presentation, Global Online Learning Summit. The 2019 National Survey of Online Learning in Canadian post-secondary education: Preliminary results and implications


November 2018: Roundtable Presentation, International Seminar presented by the UNESCO Chair of Education and Technology for Social Change: “Lifelong learning: How does our society learn?” Researching digital informal learning experiences: The application of a learning ecologies framework

October 2018: Presenter, European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN). Scholars’ changing social media use: Implications for teaching and learning in higher education


October 2017: Presenter, ICDE World Conference in Online Learning. Deconstructing quantitative methodology through a post-structural feminist lens to explore informal learning 

June 2017: Presenter, Gender and Education Conference. Capacity development through informal learning online: Opportunities for addressing the motherhood wage gap in Canada


October 2016: Poster Presentation: European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) Research Workshop. Supporting the capacity development of Canadian entrepreneurial mothers through an exploration of their digital learning ecologies

July 2016: Presenter, The Learner Conference. Capacity Development for Canadian Entrepreneurial Mothers through Informal Learning